Feeling Old

My CFA certificate (framed & hanging at my workplace) was issued by AIMR, just before it changed its name to CFAI. It sort of sticks out, as my colleagues’ certs are all issued by CFAI. Has anyone here requested for a replacement cert to replace the AIMR cert with a CFAI cert?

Top 10 MBA > CFAI charter > Top 20 MBA > AIMR cert > CFP

I think it’s totally fair. You got the CFA charter when it was freaking easy, so your certificate says AIMR

The next generation got it when it was harder, It says CFA Institute and the old CFAI logo.

Starting this year, the future generations will get :CFA Institute and the NEW logo.

^ Is that a breach of a standard or simply stating a fact?

It’s a breach. Anyway it’s so easy to unwittingly commit a breach on these forums … that’s why your forum email needs to be different from the CFAI email.

Anyway I’ve found out the answer to my question - I need to fork out $30 and they will ship a new CFAI charter to me.

Hey Rambus - have you ever been clotheslined by a tall lanky dude with five foot long arms?

what, we have to pay to get our certificate?

Only for a replacement.


Would you like to see the SKY HIGH pass rates you enjoyed during your AIMR exams?

here you go


CFA is like Amway. Lesson learned. That’s why I took CAIA early on. If it ever gets any prestige it will do the same thing and become diffiucult to pass.

Thats some comparison :slight_smile: Loved that correlation there and I cant agree with you more :slight_smile: