Feeling the gas today

Office just changed all the office chairs and now there’s no more thick cushion to blast them into. We got the micro string mesh material now, so it goes right through. Not sure what to do

For now, I just look around, and if the people near me are on the phone or have headphones on, I just let it rip as covertly as I can

What? People like you are why there cannot be world peace.

Edit: In my office, we all have Aeron chairs, which have mesh seating. Gassy people become social pariahs.

One bonus of being in a cubicle-type environment is it’s hard to nail down just who did it.

I was laying some bombs in my office the other day right before this girl came in to give me some papers. So awkward. I just had to laugh. I’ll have to remember to crop dust from now on.

Once, the new compliance boss came to visit my trading desk and some guy had a pretty serious episode. Basically, everyone got up and left.

Not a problem: my sh!t don’t stink.

That is classic. I was talking to an HCB the other day, and occasionally the scent of ‘pepperoni’ would emote from around her. And she ‘knew’ it was her, so it was supremely awkward and she lost her hotness quite rapidly. The second time the pungent pepperoni smell came out, I breathed it in by mistake and almost had a gag reflex.

Clean your colon! Your gas smells fresh and sweet after!

put a sweatshirt or some other thin layer of fabric on the chair to help mute the odor

Bring a pillow. No one would judge you.

This might be for you:

Sadly, Ikea is not selling this any more.


Two words: crop dusting.

^ http://www.flat-d.com/flatdreusable.html

I wonder if the stock photo model in this website knows what her picture is being used to promote.


get a filter: