Feels Different

Reading Vol. 4 of the level III curriculum and it is very different from both levels I and II. The explanations are more in detail followed by long examples. I rarely see formulas (maybe they are waiting for me in other books) and number crunching. Just endless pages of dense reading.

Same here. I can’t even tell what material is testable or just fluff… this is my first time using the CFAI texts. Im used to Schweser saying, “Know x” and then telling me what X is in 2 sentences. I feel like I should just read the stuff cover to cover like a novel rather taking notes but im scared that might leave me unprepared.

Same here. The first fixed income reading on duration matching in an ALM context had my head spinning. Basically, I’m just trying to get through the texts in order to see L3 from top down.

Retaker, just started working back through. Feels like im studying for Level 4. Level 3 is a mother

The fact that level 3 seems to be much more qualitative than the previous two levels is all the more reason of keeping my study plan… I’m just reading all the Schweser books - skipping the EOC - and readin them like a novel. After all this, I am going to study in depth with making sure i fully understand the concepts and formulas. This is exactly what i did for level 2, and now that level 3 seems to be more about whether you TRULY understand the topics, rather than just memorization, it will be a great help. Everybody studies differently…I just personally know I will forget all the minor details in a few months, so for now I will be perfectly happy just having a brief understanding of all the material so when I do my 2nd readings, nothing should be unfamiliar and I will still have plenty of time. could just be me, but I like level 3 material MUCH more than level 2…although, I haven’t read too much new material yet (my degree pretty much covered 90% of CFA material, obviously making it easier to follow)…retention and mastering the material is another story though haha

LIII is much more theory based than quantitative. When I hit one of those chapters that just seemed to ramble on and on I focused on the LOS and tried to see where the LOS was covered in the material. It really helped seperate the meat from the fluff. I also used flashcards in LIII (as I did for all the levels) and found them to be the most help at this level as again it made sure that you had covered the LOS in depth. Write out each LOS on its own flashcard, with a summary of the LOS beneath and on the back. Then hang half of them from the toilet roll holder in the bathroom and keep the other half with you wherever you go and swap them round every few weeks. I made sure I had read over every flashcard at least a dozen times prior to the exam (plus all the usual EOC and past exams which you must do).

Thanks, newsuper!!! I should try flashcards for this level. DId you read through the CFAI books and then did the flashcards? When did you start solving the EOC questions? LIII throws me off with counteless theries and studies.

I read the CFAI books and did the flashcards at the same time - read the chapter then draw up the flashcards and write them up for that chapter. It takes a lot of time, there’s no shortcut but it works I reckon. I started EOC’s with about 2.5 months to go and only did them for a month or so. The last 6 weeks I hammered every past exam I could get my hands on, those were probably even more important than the EOCs (there are so many EOC’s and seem of them seemed stupid - it would take hours just to answer one). I made sure I at least read over every EOC though.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile: