Feels like a dream...

I keep re-reading the congratulatory email. Surreal to think that the journey is finally over! Congrats to those who passed and best of luck to the June 2018 candidates!

The same with me-I can’t believe it’s over. It was a long but beautiful journey-CFA program gave me too much.

I recall when I was about to apply for the program and was scared of level 3. Still, passed from the first time.

same here mate

I absolutely here you. It is a Dream Come True for me. Still can’t believe it is over

Yes, it’s been a long journey. Now I don’t know what I’m going to do with the time that I’m not studying… Feel lost. Is it sad?

same here dude, after 9 long years

CFA is the gift that just keeps on giving…6 years on and off even when I was taking a break it was a weight over me…that guilty feeling for not studying…doesn’t seem real…