feels like an old ethic question- and i got it wrong.

An analyst has not paid her CFA Institute dues for several years but has filed a professional conduct statement annually. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding her status with CFA Institute? The analyst’s membership is: A) considered “inactive.” B) temporarily suspended until she pays her dues. C) active, but she cannot use the CFA designation until her dues are paid in full. D) suspended and she is not considered a CFA charterholder.




I would say B.

I would go with D.

On second thoughts, D sounds better. I remember seeing this question in Level I too.

I’ll take A.

I like A here also.

the institute is harsh: Your answer: B was incorrect. The correct answer was D) suspended and she is not considered a CFA charterholder. Standard VII(B), Reference to CFA Institute, the CFA Designation, and the CFA Program, applies. In order to use the CFA designation, the member must pay annual dues and submit a yearly Professional Conduct Statement.

I think the key to remember in CFA land there are no half measures. So by that A) considered “inactive.”

“if a CFA institute member fails to meet any one of the requirements listed above, then the individual is no longer considered an active member. Until their membership is reactivated, individuals must not hold themselves out as active members. They may state, for example, that they were CFA Institute members in the past or reference the years when their membership was active”. -handbook D i guess is the “harshest” answer, but don’t see how A is wrong here. You don’t pay, you’re inactive. Handbook says that right here. it also says you can call yourself a member in the past, so i feel like calling yourself not a charterholder might be extreme in this answer, no, since you are allowed to reference yourself as such int he past tense?

The question does not state that she ever was a charterholder. You dont have to take the exams to be part of the CFA Institute. I don’t see anywhere in your quote referring to suspension, only “active”. Therefore, I pick A :slight_smile: