Fellow members who have passed Level 2

I wanted to know what were the most important things that you’ve done in preparation for Level 2 that helped you in passing exam, rank them in terms of importance and also state the things that were time waster that you wish you shouldn’t have done and focus instead on most important ones.

  1. Creating your own condensed notes dan can ‘reach’ review all within 1 day

remember your condensed should be based on your ‘experience’ after doing EOC so you will get the nuances

  1. Timed Mock Exam at least 3 times

  2. Blue Box is must do for Fixed Income, because so many thing does not covered by the EOC.

For the videos, i think the best comes from Fitch Learning Workshop which go through to handle difficult item set for some important topics.

My favourite instructor for L2 2016 is Richie Owen (used to be on Fitch Learning).

The Mock exam you are referring to is official or 3rd party?

Make your own cheat sheet summaries and flash cards.


1 CFA Institute, 1 schweser (had explanation video after taking this), and also you can create 3-4 from CFAI Topic Tests.