Felt Super Confident but Failed Exam?

Hi, did anyone feel super confident about the exam and felt like they knew a lot of the questions and how to properly answer them and still failed?

I am rereading the material again and for some reason have a lot more confidence when approaching the questions and scoring a lot better! Granted, I have only done the first book though. There still lots of hard material coming. Also, I am only doing the CFA books and the EOC questions. Also, using Schweser to get another explaination if needed.

I am thinking about getting the ELAN guides/videos. Any advice regarding this?

What band you got and what areas let you down?

I did really bad actually. Every area let me down, its almost as though I didnt know what the exam was even about. But now going through material again, I am connected the dots and seeing the whole picture!

uh oh . you may be a victim of… the qqqbee conspiracy

You always bring up this guy!

I did not experience it with Level 1 and 2, i pretty much knew how well i did as i walked out of AM and PM. If i thought AM was easy and PM was challenging, for example, my scores reflect that. I think MCs are easier to tell if you know, because if i have to “guess” (by elimination) then i know i am not 100% confident with that question, and if it happens to me a few times then i know i didn’t do so well because i have to take into consideration the silly mistakes or misinterpretation of the questions, etc.

Level 3 is definitely strange, as i read other posts, other people felt confident about the essay and ended up doing poorly/ failing the AM…

Nana, what are you doing now that you have pass level 3?

Same thing actually, i haven’t changed jobs i am just doing CFA to fulfill my job requirement. :slight_smile:

Its funny, I was thinking the same thing. Im scoring really well on everything yet i failed band 6.

Basically, I am reading between the lines this time twice! And I am getting better results.