Ferguson decision at 9pm EST..

they couldn’t have found a more subtle way to avoid prime time news eh?

and a big come on man, for the brown family attorney claiming that wilson intentionally tried to pull michael, a 300lb dude, into his cop car through the window.

They gotta give white folks time to get home from work, round up the kiddos, eat a hearty supper, lock their doors, and load their shotguns.

It’s also to buy time to get all neighboring counties to send in a convoy of SWAT teams.

Speaking of which, I saw Purge 2 the other day.

Decision at 9pm

Riot at 9:01pm

Busy evening in Ferguson

Didn’t know you were here in St Louis, Palantir. Stay safe.


No indictment

Watched part of the newscast tonight, just wanted to say I hate thieves.

I didn’t really follow the case, but my understanding is that Brown had just robbed a convenience store, the officer stopped Brown, Brown resisted and then was shot in a struggle. I know there are disputes as to the details, and it’s tragic that he died – but Brown wasn’t exactly without fault in what happened.

case is simple: he first robbed a store for a bunch of cigars, then was seen walking in the middle of the street and told to get to the side, he refused, he was then recognized as the robber of store because he wore the same color shift/hat fit the exact description of the robber, and actually had the stolen cigars in his hand, officer then tries to block their way with his car, kid then attacks the cop while the cop was in his car and tried to take the gun causing the gun to discharge, in his second attempt to rush the cop, then was shot dead.

and yet there’s a whole group of people that think this was some racial hate police brutality.

agree. not exactly a model citizen by any means. not saying it is justified, but someone who was not robbing a store wouldn’t exactly have been in a position for this to happen

Whites win again!

it’s more like. the law wins again. and the dumb idiots lose again. as it should be.

I agree with Itera. A Grand Jury (a great thing about 'merica civil rights, by the way), determined there was I sufficient evidence to proceed. Why should this poor cop, who is already getting threatened and probably has had his life largely ruined now, face the pain of a trial with no evidence. The evidence overwhelmingly indicated the cop acted in self defense. He is the one we should be showing compassion to. The poor guy has tens of millions of angry, militant men looking to kill him. All for defend the public.

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“Not a single work boot was stolen”

I never understood that about black people. How does it ever make sense to burn down your own neighborhood? Not even trying to be racist here, it’s just that no other race does that. Can you imagine this kind of shit flying in Chinatown? I think not.

The riots which happened in London had a number of Whites participating along with Blacks.

The Stockholm riots were predominately disenfrenchised Arab youth.

It isn’t as much race as it is historical and various other factors. Of course, in line with finance personalities we could be quick to dismiss historical factors and demand the get their act together but the reality is otherwise as seen in Africa where some reigons are still suffering from White colonialism and it’s after effects

Hmm yeah riots and looting do occur in all races but in the US it is predominately blacks. Giuliani has been discussing this recently, sparking a swarm of controversy but he is just stating the facts: “The danger to a black child in America is not a white police officer. That’s going to happen less than one percent of the time,” he later added. “The danger to a black child – if it was my child – the danger is another black.”

I suspect it’s because white people never were the opressed ones needing to riot. But if they had to, humans will misbehave regardless of race.