few questions

  1. What determines the multivariate cumulative distribution, e.g. the distribution of rates of return on a portfolio of two or more shares? Does it depend only on the boundary distributions of individual variables?
  2. If, apart from investing in shares, we can also invest in a risk-free instrument (e.g. 3M Treasury bills), what is the efficient frontier on such a market? Is it linear and what does the shape of this border mean?
  3. If the R-square of the Security Market Line equation in the CAPM is 0.4, how much of the rate of return on shares is not explained by systematic risk?
  4. Suppose the yield curve is rising. Which is higher - zero coupon bond yield or fixed coupon bond yield? Why?
  5. Why is the yield curve falling at the long end (over 20 years)?

Where did you get these questions?

And why, as a Level I candidate, are you asking them in the Level III forum?

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