Fewer readings in L2?

There are 71 readings in L2. Among them 10 r codes’. There are some readings with only 4 or 5 los.it seems the volume is not as heavy as it was in L1. Any thoughts?

duuuuuuuuuude alternative answer: molodovsky

What matters isn’t how long it is, it’s how deep it can effectively go.

In the same vein, it is not the length of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.

… am moved.

Yeah, that’s about right. Fewer readings … less work. And volume, whatever that means. L2 is a walk in the park. Let me know how things go for you.

And, they only test materials listed on page numbers that are multiples of 7. Hope this helps.

Also if you find time series and the temporal/all current sections confusing, you can probably just skip those as the CFAI does not like to test them much.


But please pay attention to the BOP paragraph as they like to base a third of exams on topics mentioned in passing… anything in depth u can ignore basically is u find urself saying i def need to know this for the exams then chances are u wont aaaaaaaah the beauty of the cfa

I guess that could be the great thing about knowing what was on last year’s test. Do you really think they will test BOP next June? Doubt it. In 2007 Treynor Black was the biggie, did we even have one question on it this year? I forget, maybe 1.

trek7000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > In 2007 Treynor Black was the biggie, did we even > have one question on it this year? I forget, > maybe 1. I’m pretty sure there was one.


I remember there was one reading in the Equity book that was absurdly long. Even in schweser it was something like ~100 pgs. I loved the readings that were 4-5 pgs long! I built my schedule by readings not pgs, so some days I would get lucky and some days I never saw the light of day. Brought some excitement into the study process. [I am such a dork]

Which is harder: Reading a Hardy Boys novel (L1), or digesting a chapter of Dostoevsky?

You can probably just wait til March to start studying. Better yet just read over secret sauce and you are good to go.

just an observation…I have been listening to the Videos of study session 10 & 11 and found, over 60-70% of the topics are very familiar from L1. I don’t know if I can expect the same pattern on all the other readings.