FI Junior trader interview

What questions should I expect in an interview for a fixed income junior trader position? The job will involve with short-term interest rate products in an emerging market. Thanks.

math and bond math (duration, cnxty, eco numbers)

had an interview several months ago for a junior trader position (interest rate derivative). in the first round i was asked: 1) previous work experience 2) how well i can program in VBA 3) brain-teaser (trick questions to see if u can think creatively) 4) finance questions: first warm up in equity option (question about greeks and some comparisons). and then go to swap-related stuff (like, difference b/t FRA and EDF, and why) and swaption.

Thanks gomakeitreal Skiloa, what kinds of math and bond math should i expect? could you please give more information? tkx

I had a fi trading assistant interview a while back and they stressed good math skills and vba and C/C++ proficiency…