Fictional Characters

If you were to be anyone from a tv series or film who would it be?

  • No super heroes allowed

  • Must be Fictional

  • When you pick someone you would be living in 2015

  • Must be human’ish (for example no chewbacca but legolas is allowed)

I would be Neal Caffrey from white collar…

Something about a guy who lives forever, walks on snow, and slays woolly mammoths by sliding down their trunk and firing an arrow into their brain while they’re running at full speed strikes me as super-heroish.

That being said, I’d be Charlie Harper.

Ok you have a fair point, legolas is perhaps a superhero…

Why Charlie Haper though?

I’m picking from a book (and no, it’s not LoTR or ASOIAF).

Logen Ninefingers

Edit: ^Because AIDS, that’s why.

Dirk Diggler

James Bond

Hacksaw Hookers


Sterling Archer.

Don Draper… or the dude from Californication.

Archer and Californication guy are great choices.

It’s my theory that Californication is actually a sci-fi series. If you think about it, Hank doesn’t encounter a single woman that won’t sleep with him. He has a super power and it’s getting laid.

Marlon Brando in “Godfather”, also Ron Jeremy in “I am a virgin”.

I don’t get the love for Don Draper or Californication guy. Emothionally stunted douchebags!

I contend your analysis of Hank Moody is off. He’s extremely emotive and he’s a good guy. He just always found himself in horrible situations.

Right, it’s never his fault :slight_smile:

Look, they make him likable for the show sake. But imagine being involoved with someone like that?

That’s literally the point of the show though. It was 7 (or however many) seasons of him trying to be in a relationship with what’s-her-face. And 9/10 of the whacky situations he found himself in really weren’t his fault (again, kinda the whole point).

As the great philosopher Homer Simpson said, “I have the worst luck when I’m drinking.” That pretty much sums up Hank’s life. That and sleeping with amazing looking women all the time.

You just want his superpower :slight_smile:

Loved californication. The last season sucked though.

Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Guy makes bank, does nothing all day, gets tons of action, and plays laser tag much more frequently than I do

Heather Graham and that whole thing really did suck.