Fidelity P-Test

Guys, I have one scheduled later in the month. Anyone able to give me some pointers or just general advice on them? TIA

P as in pee pee? Extinguish the blunt.

Recirculation is the only sure way to go. It’ll take some dedication on your part, but if you run the pee through your system twice, it will destroy any drug-related contaminants. Recommend you start drinking the night before.

I recirculate just for the fun of it.

no, p as in Prospectus-Test Basically final rounds at FIdelity involve researching a company and presenting on it.

Start researching? Look up some of their research reports and use it as a model… Oh, and for the record fidelity doesnt drug test, one of the perks of being a private company i guess. Hmm, maybe thats why their official color is green…

The grass definately looks greener on the buyside…

Do you get to pick the company?

XSellSide Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Do you get to pick the company? Unfortunately not, and luck would have it the company they assigned me is completely different from what i currently cover.

This is definitely the forum for people who associate P test with prospectus test! “Dude, pass the calculator…”