I have read horror stories about test takers becoming the subjects of investigations due to fidgeting. It’s the thing I am most worried about, since I fidget all the time while studying/taking tests (counting on my fingers, moving my lips while thinking, hair twiddling, stretching… being weird basically and hyper-active). Should I be worried or let proctors know about this? Or am I being paranoid.

Just write your exam. Don’t look up, don’t talk to anyone, don’t listen to anyone, don’t talk to anyone about the exam after the exam, don’t do anything except for answer the questions on the exam.

I have non verbal Tourette’s syndrome so this has been weighing on my mind too…I’m just thinking Ill control it as best I can when sitting the exam and if I get reported for strange “fidgeting” I’ll just provide my medical records to the CFAI to try to sort it. If they don’t accept that then there’s not much I can do. C’est la vie

You should have notified the CFAI before the exam and maybe they would have provided alternate testing arrangements. In any case, it’s probably too late now.

Alright dwheats! Will do!

Unless the building catches fire, I am NOT looking up from my paper. We’ve all seen those postings on this forum where ppl get investigated for cheating.

Getting a letter like that would definetly make me lose sleep, especially if I passed the exam.