Filed under categories for Level II study sessions

One of the cool new features of the new site is the ability to categorize your topic into one of the study sessions. To file your topic under a specific study session, simply choose the appropriate study session from the drop “filed under” down list. This will allow you and other users to view all topics related to specific study sessions.

I’ve filed this topic under Study Session 1 for an example of how it looks. The filed under link is in the first box in the upper right corner of the page.

This is a wonderful feature Chad. This is going to be particularly helpful during revision times, when we can search for threads on a session to make sure we have understood everything!

Sooraj, you can view all topics related to a study session by clicking on the first link in the upper side bar. We will also need to add a list of all the study sessions so you can browse by study session. Thanks for the feedback.

chad, this is really a great feature, and I can’t wait to see how it works going forward. One question I do have though: can we go back and file old posts using this system?

Greyhound, once the edit feature is enabled you should be able to categorize old posts.