Filling in strategy

Sorry if this has been covered, couldn’t find it in the search.

What is the consensus on filling in the answer sheet:

-Do it as you go through, leave blanks to go over later

-Mark the answers separately then fill them all in during the final stages of the exam. So that you don’t have to do any rubbing out.


Fill them in as you go because you could potentially overestimate what remaining time you have toward the end…filling in 120 questions takes some time if you were to do it at once at the end.

Fill them as you go. At least that’s what I do.

I agree.

Keep track of those you haven’t answered.

If you skip a question, make sure that you skip the row in the answer sheet; i.e., before you answer question 67, make sure that you’re marking the answer in row 67 on the answer sheet.

Are we allowed to mark something on the answer sheet? :). I am afraid that I will forget to erase those marks if it is prohibited. I usually mark on the exam book.

I think everyone has his/her own strategy on “painting” bubbles. After trying this and that way, I decide to do the filling in when I finish the first 5 sections (my order: Ethics, PM, Derivatives, AI, Fixed Income). It will give me a break before tackling harder parts. For the next 5 sections, I will fill in as I go so as to avoid any time pressure in the end if any.

Filling in as we go makes me feel a little distracted from the continuous thinking flow…I don’t know why I have that feeling…

I suggest you take this exam just as you always have…I have taken my PSAT, SAT 1, and SAT 2s by filling out the bubbles as I solved for each question and that worked fine…do whatever is easier for you. But intuitively, I think it takes much less time and effort if you bubble in as you go. You may actually end up wasting more time if you stop and fillin the bubbles in the middle of your exam…

speaking from experience, you should definitely fill in as you go - doing anything else would be crazy as you don’t know how much time you will have at the end.