Final 2 weeks

OK so the exam is two weeks from this Saturday. How are people planning on using the last two weeks? Personally, I have taken the two weeks off work and am planning to do nothing but questions.

I have basically the same approach. Spotting weakest areas through questions and “exams” - review the material and then bulding on that…

Review my flash cards each day. Go over derivatives in CFAI text one more time. Go over my ethics notes. Go over my notes for specific chapters (nit-picky chapters such as 25) Build and review a list of problems that I had trouble with in the EOC Q’s, mocks and scwheser exams.

1 week 6 full mocks of schweser + cfai mock … review mistakes and go over notes and sauce… last week i am planning to through the whole schweser notes and EOC.S…hope i got sumthing out of this whole 2 weeks…:frowning: any advicess??

Taking the final week off of work… gonna drill sample exams this weekend, and then review Qbank and weaker areas via CFAI text in that last week.

  1. Wrap up the last mock exam on Saturday… 2) focus only on the lying fruits. 3) Get rest and plenty of it (heck been doing this since Oct)

I heard there are lots of EOC questions for CFAI textbook but I took a look yesterday and there weren’t even 20 questions for each Forward and Future contract part.

I’m not going to focus on tricky, low value areas like Derivatives. I think the bulk of the final two weeks needs to be spent on the 3 key areas: Ethics FSA Equity Opinions?

The “low value” area are those that really f***** me up last year…although I had correct scores on the “big” parts I missed some of those easy-won points. E.g: Economics is quite easy - if it’s show up at the exam, objective is to grasp as more points as possible, same for PM.

taking 2 weeks off work - got a list of topics that NEED to be covered. Ethics Qs Economics - fisher, ppp, arbitrage, taxes Quant - tidy up ARCH, AR(1), unit roots Derivs - swaps, swaptions, delta hedges, greeks FRA - Intercorp Inv, Goodwill, Reclassifications, Impairment rules, pensions, ratios Equity - RI dividend, target payout, RI model, Formulas for p/b, p/s, Franchise F, Growth F, tangible p/e, H model FI - conv bond ratios, PSA calcs, repayments, ABS, PAC tranche, S&P ratios Alts - CFAT, ERAT, NAV, DPI, RVPI, real estate Port Man - TB, formulas, 3 asset SD, arbitrage Theres just too much!

Taking the final two weeks off with the objective of taking the BSAS, Stalla, Schweser, Finquiz and CFAI mock exams, as well as trying to at least complete Schweser Practice Book 1. I also plan to re-read Ethics, specifically Soft Dollars, ROS, Prudent Man, and Standards I(B) and IV(B); in addition, I’ll go over my weak topics in order to fill in the gaps.