Final 30 mins goof up

Hey, I have been taking practice exams since past three days and saw a pattern in my performance…I am scoring good (>70%) on the questions…but when I am in the final 30 mins of the exam somehow I goof up the last two vingettes…that screws up the total %…its due to exhaustion…anyone one on the boat?

Do the whole exam faster and try to finish it in 150 mins :wink:

Do things to force yourself to pay better attention… underline words/concepts while reading the vignette, write true or false next to concepts as you come across them, circle numbers you might need to use later, underline words like “least likely” “most likely” “not”, etc. within the questions. I find doing these kinds of things make me pay better attention and I make fewer silly errors… though I do this throughout, not just at the end.

Same here. But derivative and portfolio are my weakest link. That combined with impatience toward the end of exam, cause the last two vignettes to suffer. I won’t worry to much, just improve the two area best you can.

Thanks all for the valuable comments…Scored 79% in the practice exam …keeping my fingers crossed for the d day…