Final exam: How to effectively use the break?

Wondering, what everyone is planning to do during this break? I’m in the stage of practice exams, so would like to get use to it.

After having lunch, I plan to take 20-30 minutes complete break from studies and then do some review.

Plan on eating a good meal then having a nap. I don’t believe in cramming, sleep works better for me for memory, and stamina as it gets hard to focus by the end of the 2nd exam with no nap!

how do you manage to nap in a stressed environment? i can’t even fall asleep at home lol

praying to the sun god

Yes, I too would have a nap of 20-30 minutes. Would need to take some alarm (may be a cellphone, though without a locker that’s risky). In the Direct Energy Center (Toronto) the person is loud enough to indicate that doors are closing!

I plan to review the topics that are not covered during morning session.

e.g economics, quant

I prefer to be foccused, after nap i’m fresh but less focussed. i need one hour after nap to be focussed.

what if it happens to be cloudy day?

I’m gonna head to the bar and take a few shots.

I’ll listen to CSN / rolling stones / dmb

I’m going to a brothel for a quickie

Reminds me of all of those “Praise the Sun!” messages in Dark Souls.