Final Fantasy VII Remake

Anybody heard of this?

Not sure if it’s worth buying a PS4 for or not.

had a feeling jessie was a hottie. always knew tifa was hotter than aerith. but would be nice to end up with both. also ps5 is going to come out soon. prolly next year when it is realesed. so they’ll prolly port it.

Tifa best girl. Aerith most overrated character in history.

That’s bs. make her boobs bigger!!

I remember thinking how impressive the graphics were in the cut scenes when it was on the PS1 - it’s amazing how far we have come.

Maybe this time I will actually manage to finish the entire game. And while Aerith’s boobs may not be as large, I assume if you choose her, they will have a super happy marriage cut scene at the end of the game which will more than make up for it.

lol yea this isnt dragon age. you cant impregnate the cast and crew