Final few days..

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I can’t wait To get this test over with at this point and get my life back, despite how hard we know the test will be; at least it will be behind us for the time being…anyone concerned that CFAI will attack us with the hardest topics within each subject? I’m kind of hoping there is still room for easy points and if there isn’t well that would suck…how’s everyone feeling, confident or helpless?

i feeling helpless…arghh!! fml!!!

Been studying loads and keep slipping up on little mistakes…

I’m leaning towards helpless. And I studied tons.

Well on exam day I assume u wont make little mistakes since u will be so zeroed in

Sometimes I feel scared and worried about the test and wish I had more time but at the same time I feel like taking the test now and get it over with. I definitely need to lose some weight after this…arghh

A week or so ago I was looking at how many days are left with a sense of concern, fearing I’d run out of time to study.

Now I look at them as a huge relief - can’t wait to get it over with!

As far as how difficult or tough it’s going to be, remember its all on a curve. Your fear should not be what CFAI asks, but how everyone else answers. Either way there’s no way to tell how good or bad others will do, so might as well just do the best you can.

Right now I’m starting to feel a bit burned out, just one more mock exam tomorrow and that’s all for me.