Final Interview blunders/successes?

So you finally made it to to final round of your dream job (or close to it). Did you get nervous and crap your pants in the interview? Or did you nail it and they were throwing money at you? I find myself in this situation and while I’m super excited for the opportunity, I want to do everything in my power to nail this. I’m just curious what creative ways other people have found to stand out above the final 1-2 other candidates. Maybe share the catalyst that you think got you the job or maybe something you did that you think cost you getting the job. Doesn’t matter to me what industry it’s in as I think it’s all relevant. The interview structure is more than half a day and includes lunch. And while I think this final is more about “fit” than qualifications, there are strategic ways to sell yourself on this. Any thoughts or examples are appreciated.

have a self deprecating anecdote which can last for 20mins.

Once like I dummy showed the interviewing team my fantastic investment performance history, naively thinking that the investment world cared about being good at investments. Never made that mistake again!

you probably came off like a cocky dbag.

Meh, I don’t care about “coming off”, I care about beating the market.

Most investment “professionals” don’t care about that.

Yup, itera was right. You are a cocky dbag.

I love it when people prove my point

The final round is almost always a popularity contest. If you b@nged a lot of Russian models and your classmates tripped over themselves to give you their lunch money in high school, youre probably set. If you were on the chess team and spent saturday nights j%rking off to profiles, youre likely not going to win anyone over with your personality.

Yawn. By the way, I also asked them what return they were earning for their only client (Bill Gates), the guy squirmed in his chair and said “2-3%…but it used to be higher”. Popularity contests, and money making contests, different goals, different results.

Their only client was Bill Gates? Are you talking about Cascade Investments based in Kirkland, WA state? A friend of mine from the city moved out there and he loves it. loves the company and the city.

It’s basically a bunch of 90210 kids playing investment manager. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I don’t know anyone personally at cascade so I’ve only heard friend-of-friend stories, but apparently their nda is super strict? Do they even disclose performance? much less to just a interview cand? sounds fishy… or not cascade lol

btw I’m assuming your friend was talking about greater seattle area not kirkland per se… not much to love east of lake, unless you’re going hiking haha

purealpha must be a big shot. probably flew his plane there and landed on I405.