Final Interview with EY


Would you join E&Y as a consultant?..It’s an Executive role in the Credit Risk financial services space. Essentially I’ll be working with risk models, advising on Basel II, designing E2E credit risk processes for Asset Managers, Banks and Insurers. Projects last for 2months to 6months and could be anywhere in the world but more likely in the London.

I currently work in Banking as a Counterparty Credit analyst earning c£40k pa, I’m 28 and working in Canary Wharf. I’ve built up a lot of goodwill here and had set my target of working in a Sancitoning role or as an HF Credit Analyst within Prime Brokerage or something similar…

What do you think of the EY role? How much should I ask to get paid? Do you think I should leave?


I have a friend who works for E&Y and he loves it. He is american, but traveling in Europe 6months out of the year. From his take, the compensation is aligned to the market, but he gets to expense meals / rent during that period. Good luck,