Final job interview

Hi everyone,

I was contacted by a headhunter for a one of the biggest swiss banks. I passed two telephone interviews with she and then finally I was scheduled for an presential interview with one director and his operation manager.

The interview was so nice, I felt so comfortable and with a lot of confidence of my performance in the interview. At the final, they wanted to introduce me with their boss, I knew that it was my opportunity to close in a perfect way. Unfortunately their boss was busy and he could not interview me.

Do you think that it could affect the decision?

Or based on your experience the director and manager who would be my bosses could take the decision about me?

Credit Suisse “ghosted” someone I know. They gave him a verbal job offer, and then just ignored him. That was pretty unprofessional.

Damn, that’s really messed up.

Honestly, if they left and went and got their boss then came back and told you he was too “busy” to come meet you for 5 mins, that’s probably not a good sign. It could imply they went in to talk to him and said, “yeah this guy is a no go”, then he may have said “okay well I am busy, carry on”.

Personally, I would not think about it too much though, there could be a billion reasons why you do or do not get hired.

Don’t overthink it. The fact that they wanted to introduce you is a good sign. Good luck