Final Lap - Going back to the basics

Finally i have decided to go back to the basics

Reading 4-5 reading per day line by line from swser and doing CFA EOC.

Will also try spend 2 hrs a day on past exams

Thats it. Will try to build on what i know by going through the material again.

Enuff mocks now.

a suggestion - DO NOT USE SCHWESER … for R 4 and R 5 please

whats R 4 and R5?

Reading 4-5

Well do you think you have time to do that ? I don’t see EOC is necessary now. ? Just focus on shwezer notes as fast as you can. This is what I am doing. But I started earlier because I want to do nothing in friday. I feel panic already and happy as the same time.

Sounds like a good plan.


Realised how much i had missed in capital market expectation by not reading properly earlier on

Today will cover

a) Asset Allocation

b) Currency

c) FI

Don’t forget about Individual and Institutional IPS. (Pretty big focus areas on LIII, from what I hear.)

Torrentz i am okay with institutional. But individual IPS i just cant get right

Is there a bank IPS question anywhere in the mocks?

The common ones are DB, financial and rarely insurance. Never practiced banks.