Final leg strategy

Guys I have finished my reading and questions at the end of the book… I am thinking of taking a un timed practice test and working on the major section/los. I dont think doing all the LOS/reading again would be that helpful. Another thing I found is that I did not find the material hard except some parts of PM and Quant. I just have issues remembering all I have read. Are you guys in the same boat What are your strategy for review

Well, my strategyu is almost the same. Keep doing questions and on weekends trying mock exams.

Going through questions in CFA Books & EOC questions. Going to take all CFA mocks and schweser practice exams multiple times. I am also signed up for the BSAS exam in May.

Finishing my 2nd round of EOCs, then going to take the 2010 and 2011 mocks (failed last year) as many times as I can.