Final Level 2 Study Plan (Last 6 Weeks)

I am curious what everyone elses study plan is for the last 6 weeks before L2. So far, I have read all of the Schweser Notes while writing my own notes to condense the information down further. I have about 75 pages of typed notes by LOS, with the goal that I can answer all of the CFAI EOC questions using solely these notes. This week I am taking a break so that I can kill it at work again, and kick back afterwards, remembering why I am doing this again.

After having an end of ski season party in the mountains this weekend, I’ll be back to waking up to study and hour before work, my hour during lunch, and 2-3 hrs at home before dinner/bed. Since there are so many EOC’s and examples, I was thinking of attacking them by exam topic weight, condesing my notes to a formula sheet(s), and spending one night a week not touching the materials (to prevent burnout).

What has helped out a ton this time areound (L2 repeat) is that I set a lot of short term goals. My new one is to finish and be 95% confident on May 18th for the Schweser live mock exam. Then spend the last 2 weeks tightening up the things I am still missing and drilling formulas/lists.

Sorry for the long post, but if you have any plans for what you will do for your last 6 weeks, share them with everyone!

Good luck. Keep crushing it!

I haven’t started any questions yet, and in fact i’m still about 50 pages short of finishing my readings.

I guess my plan is just go solid on question practice now - I’m using Schweser Q bank and I’ve just ordered the CFA Navigator Q Bank (this might only be in the UK) - so I’ve got a lot to work through! Plus the Schweser and CFAI mocks towards the exam date!

weekends 7-8hours a day and after work a couple hours a night! I’ve got two weeks off work before the exam so that will be hardcore question sessions.