final mock test

schweser vol 1 exam 2 AM: 83%; PM: 81% hope this is what I can get on the real d-day.

I hope you do, too :slight_smile: I took that earlier in May and got a ~75 avg. Unfortunately I think it’s the easiest of the three Book 6 exams. I subsequently got crushed on the three CFAI samples - have yet to take the mock.

yes the mock is a different beast i found the questions very very tricky

73% average for mock + samples 83% schweser Vol 1; and 71% schweser Vol 2 I developed a habit to mark questions I was not sure during all exams and found it extremely close to the no. of wrong answers lately, although not every mark-down was a wrong answer. the regression represent a R2 of 80% with slope of 0.962 :slight_smile: fingures crossed