Final Prep Survey

I have read several posts from those who did all the readings over last 18 weeks and saved last 30 days for test prep. I am in that camp. I also read that most including myself are finding that despite the effort, the retention is low and feels like mount everest is in front of you for remaining time. Everyone has a different style, I am curious to learn what others are planning with respect to:

Hours per week

Mock tests

Practice questions

I plan on taking off last two weeks and committing full time. Going to get as many hours in as humanly possible. taking first Mock tomorrow, not expecting much but a good Idea where I am. Working on weaknesses during week, and Mocks on Sundays. Qbank in evenings and problem solving/review during day. Every person that calls I tell them dont bother calling back until june 2nd, 5:01 pm.

Putting weakspots on flash cards.

I have put in around 400 hours so far, trying to do 30 hours/week until the test. Doing every question possible, that’s my only plan.

@ Kedgar…yea the whole…call back thing does ring a bell here as well…thank God I am a foreigner in Austria…not too many friends in this country so far…