Hi Guys, Just thought I would start a thread to see how people are going to go about the final month of prep time.


I’ve finished reading all of Schweser notes 2 times now…I skimmed through the practice problems very quickly the first run through, and on my second time I did the majority of them (but still quickly)…My intention was to understand to material intuitively before I start memorizing formulas and treatments. I’m going through sections now that I feel as though I didn’t fully understand/remember with a plan for May 1st to do the 2010’s CFAI MOCK exam. This will hopefully give me a true feel of how much I know the material…If I do poorly, it’ll give me more motivation to study hard in the last month. From there on, I plan on working on the CFA EOC practice problems for the following 2 weeks, with then the plan on doing 2011’s CFA MOCK exam. I have a a week and a half off of work prior to the exam so this will be spent going over formulas and weak areas for atleast 8 hours a day i hope…!! I’ve been slacking quite a bit in the past couple of months, but am now starting to actually be productive i.e., not drink on weekends, and actually study at the library rather than talk with friends for an hour off and on Best of luck!!!

pretty sure we have over a month, thanks though

i intend to skim through the books and solve all the end of readings questions. i didnt like schweser practice exams, i felt that its different and frustrated me.

What do you mean by ‘different’ ?? Are the schweser exams not similar to the CFA exam format? Or do you mean different in terms of difficulty level

Hey guys, I’ve completed CFAI reading, and also Schweser notes… Going through EOC questions on CFAI the second time around now… I was a bit lost a few weeks back because I was scoring high on QBank even though I was 100% sure I didn’t have a good grasp on the material. I couldn’t have been more right! Since then, I gave up on QBank, and started to power through Schweser practice exams to get used to the exam format and questions… Been having a hard time scoring above mid 60’s… Which really shows I don’t understand a good chunk of the stuff! I’m saving the CFAI mock exam for second week of May, and possibly considering picking up another provider for some more mocks. Any suggestions?

man, you guys are stressing me out.

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i just took a simple look, the most obvious to me is the different format, wording i just dont understand their style of questions. what do u think??

@ MK514 Pick up the Stalla exams, they are the same quality as the Schweser.

Re: FINAL REVIEW new Posted by: AndrewUNH (IP Logged) Date: April 17, 2011 05:37PM pretty sure we have over a month, thanks though yeah…i thought planning was something you did ahead of time. Thanks for coming out.

Thanks i’ll look into the stella exams

To the Q-Bank guy. Don’t waste your time. That was problem last year. I spent a lot of time in the Q-Bank and thought I was going to kill it. Once I got to actual test format and quality questions it was on a different level. Don’t waste time in the Q-Bank.

I feel similarly to tmorton. I used the Stalla Qbank, and it had some gaps for sure. I blame that only partially for my failure tho; mostly didn’t memorize formulas well enough, also sleep deprivation didn’t help. I think doing the EOCs to the point where you can do every one of them in the entire curriculum on the drop of a dime, and then doing a bunch of mock exams to polish… that’s probably the best. then when you’re done that, pick EOCs at random, and see if you’re really as confident with them as you think. If yes, you’re probably ready, but just to be sure, find some questions out there on the internets, and do them too. ps internets was an intentional bushism

oh, and scribble out the formulas again and again and again and again…

So, Like Magicskyfairy, I am a rewriter. I used Schweser mainly first time around. I read CFAI this time around, and wrote out my own notes all the way through. All I have left to complete (readings and notes) is Portfolio Management, which will likely take me until the end of next week (I spent 1 day per week reviewing since I started). So, with my last month, I am going to take the first three weeks to hardcore review my notes. I study 3 hours every night after work except Fridays, and I put in 5 hours both days on the weekend (of actual work while locked in my room). I’ll mix in EOCs. Have the last two weeks off work so i am going to basically go through a mock exam every other day with a full day of review of my notes and EOCs between.

Just finished all material…taking John Harris accounting workshop this weekend to start my review in high gear! Hopefully the motivation will continue and I’ll eat, breath,sleep this shizer just for 46 days more and KRUSH this exam!!! Don’t want to take level 2 again :frowning: Cheers killa