Final Revisions for FRA

So I just went through all the pratice assessments on the CFAI website and realize that this section is likely to be the reason I pass or fail. My scores have been quite variable - couple 2/6 and then a bunch of others at 4/5/6 out of 6. I am feeling OK in most other spots outside of derivatives (equity has been my strong suit and most topics I should be able to swing 3/4 out of 6) but I know I need a good score here to give myself the best shot of passing.

What are you guys doing to help lock this one down for Saturday? Or what helped you most to solidify this throughout the process?

I agree, FRA is a big one. Most people will get over 70% in equity so next in line for the biggest topic is FRA, definetly a make or break. I would make sure you can do all the BB’s and EOC’s. Lots of the BB’s are similar to exam type questions. I’m in the same boat for the assessments, some of those FRA questions were much more difficult than the real exam. If you can get over 90% on the EOC’s and BB’s you are in great shape

I did the EOCs and BBs 2 times, am doing it again and will be done by tomorrow. imo, for some of the chapters such as intercorporate, BBs are more difficult than EOCs. Fingers crossed!


What is a BB?

Blue boxes ( examples given inside each chapter)

FRA isn’ thard. It’s the nuances that get you. You can be solving a problem that takes you down the wrong path and waste so much time on it.