Final time for doing Questions, Tests, Exams

Hey guys so with 26 days left for the exam I have finished reading most of the schweser notes again a second time to remember stuff i have forgotten, I plan to use the remaining days to, first do all BB+EOC questions, then start doing the Schweser question banks, and get to the sample exams, and mock exams around the 15th. I havn’t really spend to much time on derivatives and alt derviatives only read that once since it was kind of confusing and didnt want to waste to much time on it since its a small portion of the exam. Do you think this is a good strategy i’m not working so I have this whole month to review. Even so I notice most ppl never feel ready until the last few days before the exam which is why I hope im going at a good pace.

I would advise you do it the other way around. First do mocks, as these will give you the best indication of what the exam will be like. Then for the areas you are struggling in, I would suggest EOC/Question bank questions