Final Week, EOCs?

I just went through all of the EOCs and I’m planning on doing some mock/samples this weekend. (I’m off on vacation next week). Would you guys recommend going through all EOCs again or focus on working on mock/samples while focusing on weaker areas?


I’m in a similar position, just finished the EOC questions and did the 2012 mock yesterday which went ok, now I’m not really sure what to do! Thought I’d try and squeeze in another quick readover of the Schweser notes… not sure if it’s the best use of time, might switch to reading the EOC summaries and doing some Schweser prac exams instead.

I find that doing the difficult EOC questions helps a bit because even though you know/remember the answer a bit it reinforces how to do it in case you get a similar question on the exam.

I’m with you Chris. I’m going to go through some mocks/samples and see how long that takes me. If I have time, I might do EOCs on certain chapters.

Let me know what you guys are doing.


I would strongly recommend you do mock and practice because in that way your brain is trained to do multiple sessions in one sitting, you gotta pull them all from your brain. It will be very different from if you just focus on EOC . Besides, learning to manage time is a matter of make or break.

I assume that you have not done any mock and practice exams.

I’m plowing through all the EOC’s in these last 6 days, bec the week before the exam is when they are the most fresh.

I’m wishing I’d left them until the week before too actually… wasn’t sure if I’d have enough time to get them done and I’d hate to have had to skip some, I reckon the EOCs are the most important part of exam prep for me.

Bah, wish the exam was this weekend, sick of thinking about it!! haha

Anyone else cramming hard wanna share their gameplan?


I finished all the reading in April, went through EOCs in conjunction with Analyst Notes review questions and finished around May 15. Now going through the EOC vignettes again with practice exams (for each chapter) from AN. Will do Mocks Monday/Tuesday and review. Basically trying to burn into memory formulas, methods, directional stuff, etc. Then just hope mocks tell me weakest areas for final review Wedneday/Thursday.

It’s amazing how after who get through all the EOCs, you can forget some of the stuff in one of the earlier chapters. So I think the more EOC review the better. I’m focusing on the vignettes to get confortable wit the exam format.

Yea from my years in this whole program, your last week is the strongest retention. Anything beyond 1.5 weeks starts to get faint.