Final week plan!!

I plan to do 1 mock exam each day + review weak areas until Wednesday, write down all necessary formula (IMO) on Thursday then review ethics on Friday. I’m still a full-time student and i can manage up to 6 hours a day to study. i score around 80% in schweser exam and CFA mock but i’m not good at Ethics and Derivatives. Is it okay to follow this plan? Can u give me some tips in the exam, such as grey areas in ethics questions?

Great job with scoring 80 percent on the Schweser! To me that sounds like a good plan.

Where i am at the moment

  • Done 2x topic test on each subject
  • Finished 5 mock AM or PM exams and scoring between 70 85 percent, gradually improving)
  • Weak area: FRA and Fixed income


  • Finish on or two more mocks (usually i spend two days just reviewing the result; one of the exam will take place at a library)
  • Review all notes from old mocks at least two times (especially those damn GAAP and IFRS differences)
  • Review my Flash Cards once per day (about 50-60 of them)
  • Grab one beer on Friday and visit the spot where the exam will take place

Quick help for economics plz. I watched videos entirely. Will anyone suggest source for question solving. Planning to give an entire day.