Final week study tips?

Could someone provide some advice on what I should be doing for the final week before the test on saturday (if you were in my position). I’ve been taking schweser mock exams, consistently scoring around 65-74 on Fin Reporting, 90+ in quant, but my ethics grade is incredibly variable ranging from 44 to 66 on three exams so far and economics 52 to 65 (towards lower end). portfolio, corporate and everything else is 58-68ish with random 70plus. I’ve just finished rereading ethics for a 3rd time but I feel like even if I read cfa original ethics material another 100 times I still won’t do well. I know schweser mocks try to cover a broader range of questions…so maybe I should focus only on cfa mock online or maybe topic tests? I finish with about 15 minutes to spare idk if that helps decide (idk how people finish so much quicker). I’d appreciate any advice please because I’m starting to get a bit (very) worried. Bare in mind my memory is horrendous so if I just focus on a single topic I will start mixing together topics.

Relax, I took two mock exams (CFAI mocks) when I went for level 1 and got around high 60’s on the first and like 63 on the second and still passed the real exam. No Qbank, no third party study notes. If I were you I’d focus on the CFAI mock exams. Seeing that you have a week left I would just review the exams and the questions you got wrong. Go over flash cards (if you made them) and stop taking mocks and rereading topics! It’s a huge waste of time at this point. The final week is all about reviewing your tests especially your wrong answers.Understand why it’s wrong then move on to the next one.

*Edit - The final months should be heavily focused on reviewing your wrong answers. I took my first mock 2 months before exam day then reviewed it for a month then took the 2nd 1 month out then reviewed both mocks for a month.

At this point you should be just reviewing flash cards, light reading and getting your mind straight.

Where can I get a short list of all the requirements and recommended guidelines on ethics?

I studied extremely intensively in the last few days, up to the day before and the day of the exam. This doesn’t work for everyone but it worked for me, and you can try if you must.

For Ethics I did numerous CFAI official practice questions during the last few days before the exam, and it helped meaningfully in becoming acquainted with examples of actual questions and the way they are framed. I did this because many people on this forum had emphasized how important and difficult Ethics was, and I suspect there is some truth to it.

The general trend of my last-minute preparation was:

  1. Few days left: focused on building confidence in my weakest links in the heavyweight topics. I drilled on questions in these sections like there was no tomorrow, since I was most likely to be asked these vs. less weighted topics. My logic was that in those last moments, whatever I had covered in these topics was more likely to be effective than if I had drilled on less weighted topics. I did this by doing numerous practice questions both with prep provider and official CFAI material. This had been my strategy all along, but in the last few days it just became more intensive.

  2. Two days left: reviewed mock exams from prep providers and CFAI, getting into a routine of the test taking process and the crushing pressure. Reviewed Ethics and drilled practice questions.

  3. Day before: By this time I was freaking out, but I still continued with mock drills and focused on covering weakness in heavyweights. I actually did not have a good night’s sleep.

  4. Day of: Short-term memory drill, reviewed flash cards of my weakest formulae before getting into the exam building. At lunch, reviewed those that had not been asked in the morning session.

Remember, even when you feel like the world is going to end, you can still perform if you make yourself, because you have prepared for it. It’s survival instinct.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone. Appreciate it a lot.

I was wondering the same thing. I’ve been studying for about 4 months consistently and taken about 8 mock exams. At this point I’ve just been reviewing some of the mocks again and going over the right and wrong answers.

Really up to now I think I probably won’t learn much more… I either know it or I don’t. I have been focusing on flash cards and re-reading some ethics and just trying to retain as much information as possible.

Cramming has never helped me before and i’ve never really believed in it for ME personally. It’s just not how I learn. I’m trying to get as much sleep as possible and just relax for the next few days. I took friday off to sleep in and go over notes, notecards, and formulas.

i am having trouble with all the derivative calcs, should i focus on those or should i just give those up and do more important sections

Have you read the CFAI reading #2 yet on ethics? Not sure if you are referring to Kaplan of CFAI’s material. I just completed reading it per another user on this site’s recommendation, takes about 5 hours depending on your reading speed, but now I feel very confident on the ethics section. Did the EOC questions and got 19/20 no problem.

can you send me the link of the recommendation?

Since you’ve only got two days left, I think I took one final mock on Thursday and reviewed it. Friday was light Ethics review in the morning and then just watch a movie or go to the gym or something.

Setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep starts today. Don’t screw around with cramming late and absurd amounts of caffiene. Try to go to bed at a reasonable time so you can at least bank a good night of rest tonight in case you have trouble sleeping on Friday night. No naps!