final week, the best of weeks

Here’s to making this final week of studying for a CFA exam count. For those who are doing the BSAS exam on your own, I hope you are doing it no later than Saturday, 31 May. Or for that matter any other exam. IMHO, you don’t want to do an exam any later than tomorrow; you don’t want to be freaking out over stuff that you miss on an mock exam in the final week of prep. (And if you have Book 7 and haven’t done any of it, don’t bother. I never cracked it open.) Some of you may have lost perspective as you have run up to this final week, but, just as reminder, this last week is all about polishing what you know and honing your skills. As you review, for some concepts that you think you know cold you may want to review them one last time. Those are the points you _have_ to get. The other key ingredient of this final week is to chill out and dial down the stress level. Do as Jackson SF says. If you go to the gym, don’t miss it this week. For those that don’t work out, do take the long walk around the block. Breathe. Don’t let the morning session rattle you. It will be challenging and the first problem will be large. But the test is doable. And if I can pass, you can nail this thing and have Memorial Day back. All the best on the first Saturday in June.


Thanks …definitely needed some encouragement !!

agreed for the most part (i did practice exams in the last week, but thats personal preference). and if this moron can pass, you smart people surely can. the light is shinning brightly at the end of the tunnel. once its all over you definitely realize the hours in the library ignoring your friends, family, and responsibilities, were worth it.

also the worst

woo hoo, leaving work soon. thanks nycjdc - great final thoughts. pretty much what I will be doing here on in: i have bsas to do tomorrow (whole day) … then it is just re-readying all my notes . no material ‘learning’ new stuff other than what transpires after bsas. And plenty of yoga. since this morning, I have felt surreal and still feeling very serene right now. I have the whole week off, but will be booking a massage during the week. So looking forward to 5.05pm on June 7th. I will be exhausted, but relieved.

God, I hope next year at this time I can be out enjoying the weather and the special sights that it brings. Three years in a row… Sic transit gloria iuvenis.

Does any boddy see the answer for the Mock exam. I took, it only give me overall feeback. Is it the way it suppose to be?

I will finish vol 1 exams by sunday… and mon-wed I will do CFAI exams for level 2, 2 days b4 the exam I tried to do book7, which was a terrible idea, not only I didnt leaqrn anything, I lost all my remaining confidence. However, firday, the day b4 the exam, I went over (not actually did) CFAI sample exams, which helped a lot.

also I will read thru actual exam AM Q&A (05,06 and 07) on sunday. so I can establish a final benchmark to answer AM questions.