final year of a bachelor's degree ENTRANCE REQUIREMENT

Hi folks, I would like to know if it’s posible for me to register for the June 2018 Level I exam before the early registration deadline (so as to take advantage of the lower price), given that I am currently in the fourth year (out of five) of a bachelor’s degree and I will be in the last year at the time of the exam (99,5% sure about that). If u don’t know what to answer just tell me if the cfa institute asks for a certificate after having paid the fee. My worry is paying the fee and then not being able to sit just because i enrolled for the exam before being in my last year.



It didnt ask me to provide a certificate but upon registration, you have to complete a bunch of education/work background including institution attended and etc. Just send them a quick email to confirm. Better be safe than sorry.

Level 1 demands for the last year of your under graduation degree so that in level 2 you’re probably a degree holder. So if you’re in the last year of your degree during the CFA examination, you can register as you are being truthful (because when they mean the last year, it should be during your attempt of exam regardless of when you register for it.)

*This is purely an assumption for being truthful, and according to my experience i did the same thing and now i’m gonna attend the exam this December and also i’m in the last year of my degree, though i wasn’t when i registered for it.

And CFAI’s whole registration process is very systematic, so you dont have any scope of losing your money.

Hope this helps, all the best.

Thanks guys. I’ve sent an email to CFA institute and they’ve told me that i should be in the last year of my bachelor’s degree before i can enrol for the exam. However, If they don’t ask for a certificate at the time of registration I guess there shouldn’t be any problem in enrolling while i still haven’t reached my final year. There is no way they could check this unless I give them some information or they contact my university directly. I made up my mind, and i will catch the early registration deadline. As yoy say Kunal, I don’t think that my money will be at risk.

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I’m also in the same dilemma. Want to enrol in the pre-final year and take the exam in final year. Please describe your experience. Hope everything was smooth during the entire course?