finally a phone interview

I finally got a phone interview after sending endless e-resumes. the position is private debt investments analyst in an insurance company. any idea what they might ask on the first round interview? OR, what should I ask them to make me stand out? any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks in advance

Do you have more information about the position? A listing perhaps? Analyst is very broad.

Is this a three year position?

Thanks for reply, this is a full time position. responsibilities includes: -development and sidtributuin of regular reports to stakeholders -work with protfolio reporting system to generate reports and analyze the portfolio -assist credit analyst with loan amendments, annual reviews and financial analysis with new investment opportunities. I had a 10 mins phone interview today, and the HR guy asked me why chose private debt investment…and what might be my limitation if I got this job. I said my limitation is the lake of experience…without saying I learn fast or I follow the news closely… now to think about it, I should have something else…sigh… is there a way to save it? and what’s the best answer for “why chossing private debt investment”? Thanks for reply…