Finally books are done!

I have finally finished reading the CFAI books and taken high level notes. Considering that i am atleast a month late, i really need advice on the steps forward. In the 17 days left till the exam i plan to study on average 10 hours a day, as i have taken time off from work!

I plan to revise the subject for next 9-10 days using Schwser, CFAI notes i have made secret sauce and come up with flash cards for review later

In the remaining 7 days i plan to do a mock a day (2 if i can push my self)

I would like feedback from fellow AFers on the following

  1. Benefits of time spend revising vs practicing
  2. which mocks are recommended the most ( considering i only need about 7-8)
  3. Is 2010 secret sauce sufficient (expect Behavioral) or a new one helps
  4. any other positive feedback/comments/suggestion etc would be appreciated

Did you do the EOCs while reading?

^ this is key

yes with a little bit of cheating !

re-read all the books for clarity sake.


Start AM exams ASAP. Then work CFAI mock. Then Schweser pm exams.

Spend 80-90% of your time on problems from here on out. It will be hard, but general revision is less useful at this point.

Start taking practice exams … even if you have to read the answers. Understanding the AM format is really important going into the exam.

Thanks for the advice, practice test and mocks it is.

Do you know where i can get access to past exams (other than last 3 available on CFAI website) ?