Finally Done

It’s been a long run boys and girls, but I’m happy to report that my CFA journey has finally ended. I could have and should have finished this a long time ago… Ironically, I had much less time to study this year than in previous years. I passed this year with a four month old hanging on to me, studying for graduate school, and working full time. Congrats to all of those that passed and if you didn’t get it this year I’m sure you will next year. Thanks to all of you for all of your help over the years.

2009: L1 Pass

2010: L2 Band 9

2011: L2 Pass

2012: Did not sit

2013: L3 Band 10

2014: L3 Band 9

2015: L3 Pass

Time to pop the bottles

Perseverence pays, bud. Congrats on finishing that long journey.

Damn, dude. I admire the commitment! Congrats on the pass.

Chuck, CONGRATS!!! I passed as well, after a similar journey. i was child-less when starting this journey, now I’ve got 3! Congrats again and best of luck in your future endeavors!!!

2011: L1 Pass

2012: L2 Fail Band 5

2013: L2 Pass

2014: L3 Fail Band 9

2015: L3 Pass

Congrats Chuck

2012: L1 Pass

2013: L2 Pass

2014: L3 Pass

Congrats Chuckrox8 and JuniorCr8 !!. so much respect for your perseverance. I would have not been able to finish if I were you…

You made it chuckrox. What about tyler4040?

Unfortunately, I think I saw tyler4040 post that he failed and that he was done with the program.

Unfortunately, I was defeated again. Band 8. PM was great, AM was a disaster. I will take it again as a personal challenge but this has nothing to do with my career at this point.

Congratulations. For me it goes like :

2009: L1 Band 10

2010: L1 Pass

2011: did not sit (Quake in Japan)

2012: L2 Band 9

2013: L2 Pass

2014: L3 Band 7

2015: L3 Pass

Congratulations. For me it’s like :

2007: L1 Pass

2008: L2 Band 10

2009: L2 Pass

2010: L3 Band 4

2012: L3 Band 5

2015: L3 Pass

Great job. Here’s mine:

2009: L1 Pass

2010: L2 Band 5

2011: L2 Band 10

2012: L2 Pass

2013: L3 Band 8

2014: L3 Band 10

2015: L3 Pass

Congrats guys! There are some real journeymen on this thread.

I cannot fin believe tyler4040. Bro you gotta change up the way you attack this level. This don’t maje no sense man