Finally passed Level III on my third attempt. What did I do differently this year in comparison to the last two year?

I have finally passed Level III on my third attempt. What did I do differently this year in comparison to the last two year? • I studied to ace the exam and not just to pass o In 2008 I failed in the 10th band, did not want to take any chances this year • I concentrated on the Schweser Study notes after I read the CFA text. I used both and made my own notes to reinforce the LOS • The Schweser study notes helped me understand the key points that needed to be written in the essay to get points • I revised with the Schweser Slides since the LOS are written in points and my own notes that I used to revise 8-10 times a day in the last 2 weeks. This helped me understand and reinforce the key points. • I practiced the CFA text questions at least once • I was a part of a study group where we graded each other’s papers and gave feedback • I used to practice writing all the formulas o Till the last 1 month I was losing all my points since I knew only 90% of the formula. Do not give away easy points, make sure you know all your formulas well • I practiced all the 6 practice exams from Schweser and 3 past years exams o Took the first practice exam 1 month prior to the exam • I took the 16 week online review course with schweser • Read the CFA text at least once • Wrote the essay section in points • I practiced the multiple choice questions from the 6 Practice exams twice , Once in an exam environment for 6 hours (AM and PM Section)and once as practice since I knew if I ace that I will pass since it’s impossible to ace the essay questions o I got above 70% in all the topics in the Item sets that is what helped me pass • I practiced all the case studies for IPS for Individuals and Institutions in the CFa text and Schweser study notes, practice exams and past year exams at least twice • The key is repetition and practice and you will definitely pass

what is Schweser slides? Can you list what was most important among all this?

Neetabux…you prepared exactly how one should, and clearly you deserved to pass. That said, you left out one part which I truly believe is the most important variable together with studying…being relaxed on exam day. Not being relaxed is one of the primary reasons why it took me 2 tries prior to passing the beast we know as level 3. I put too much pressure on myself in both my prior efforts, especially on the dreaded exam day…seeing everyone in the hallways, reading over their notes and schweser formula sheets trying to memorize that last complex formula, you can’t help but get a little freaked out. I was a shaking like a nervous wreck my first 2 attempts at level 3!!! I remember the stupid pen shaking in my hand when they said we may begin! This time, I had been here before, I looked around that exam room prior to the test beginning and I just thought to myself how badly I don’t ever want to take this thing again. I took some deep breaths and gave it everything I had. I was in a different mindset this time…being relaxed on exam day is a highly underrated key to passing in my opinion.