Officially a charterholder…when do I get the big piece of paper?


Congratulations! Must feel pretty good.


Me too! Only took 2 weeks surprisingly



Congrats to the new fellow Charterholders!!

My Charter took appr. four months after getting approval (but in Germany, postal workers like to be on strike…)

Congratulations! Well deserved!

well done

Congratz Ramos!

Thanks everyone, feels good that the process is over…now let’s see if I can get a raise…although I did get one in March so not sure how to spin it.

Congrats. You’ll probably have it by Christmas, so might as well forgot about it for awhile.



Finally, The Rock has come back to ANALYSFORUM!

And right here, in front of the thousands…AND THOUSANDS, of CFA charterholders… well done; congrats.