I’m finished reading all 6 books of the curriculum. Guess what that means? I get to start reading all over again! Quant and FSA anyone? On a serious note, my brain is so fried right now.

Take it easy, man. If you’re burning out now your brain will be mush come June!

Congrats! I wish you well as you review. Be careful though, I can foresee you burning very quick! How are the CFAI readings? I’ve only read ethics and Schwesers quant.

i had a friend that started studying for the dec 07 exam in june. by november he was done, tired of studying and gave up. lesson: timing is essential, don’t start too late but don’t forget there is such a thing as starting too early.

gdiddy, it might be helpful to start using Q-bank at this point.

I read the curriculum twice for the dec07 test. good luck with the second one!

i suggest u finish reading all the material for the first time, as the first time is always the most painful times. After that, u can pick up lil concepts and details fast and things will become more interesting. Its good that u got all the books done, so now u can go bak and review lil parts. One of my biggest mistake is saving only 1 month to do the final review. I didnt think i had enough time to cover all the topics well. Also do some sample tests cuz it tests which area u are weak in.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve already started on the the first study session all over again. I really want to nail down the code and standards as it’s almost guaranteed to make up about 15% of the exam. I will look into Q-Bank and some practice exams come January/February.

Congrats on being finished. I should finish book 6 next week. Then like you, I will start all over again. After reading all of the posts from those who’ve previously taken Level 1, it doesn’t seem like we can be too prepared.

Wow…that is impressive. You keep on that sort of pace and you’ll crush the exam in June. Best of luck.

That’s ridiculous. I’m not even close to being done.

>After reading all of the posts from those who’ve previously taken Level 1, it doesn’t >seem like we can be too prepared Try a quick search for “burn out”. You most certainly can be overprepared. You need to peak around exam time. Do too much now and you’ll hate the material by the time it comes to exam time, and you’ll forget it. >“To obtain something you’ve never had, you will have to do something you’ve never done.” Does that mean I can’t get genital herpes?

Do yourself a favor…put down the books and hit the practice questions. You will be happy you did!

Do you guys recommend any special package I should purchase from Schweser that would include the Q-Bank? I really don’t need another set of books to study from. Having the audio CDs does sound like a good idea–no pun intended.

gdiddy, Take your time. You have almost 6 months left to study. Studying is very similar to working towards an athletic event (because training your body and training your mind are done very similarly…i.e. don’t overload it). Peaking too early can be disastrous. I don’t know what else you are doing besides studying, but if you start taking practice exams to early, you will start forgetting stuff, getting stressed out, burnt out, etc…I don’t care how smart you are. Same with running. If you were a regular runner and then built up for the marathon too early, your time wouldn’t be nearly as good as when you peaked at the right time. Take it easy, review, but then go full speed the last few weeks before the exam…

Good job. I am only about 1/2 way through for June 2008.

gdiddy, buy the Secret Sauce when available. It is great (not kidding)! Marc

supersharpshooter - I don’t suppose that your name refers to this? Memories of 10 years ago come drifting back as if through a haze…

Holy crap! I sat for level one in December and I still haven’t finished reading all the CFAI texts. If you absorb and retain what you read you should be slowing down a little and enjoying life.