Finance Case Studies

hey guys… I am looking for case studies (B-School type) dealing with buyouts, recapitilizations, M&A or anything finance related and could not find much on the internet (for free). The open courseware at MIT is good, but it does not have much on specific case studies. If you guys have a site etc. I can go to, please let me know OR if you guys have any case studies you dont mind passing on please email me at bonneysivia AT gmail. It would be nice if I could practice some stuff that I learnt and see how the pros do it.

If you go to any b-school book store you can find lots of finance case studies (usually packets of 20-30). It will cost you though. You can usually access the case studies online too (of course only after you purchase them). I think a better place to look though would be online at You can buy individual case studies direct from their website. You can search by topic as well (so you can find M&A specific cases or whatever you want).