finance centers in Asia

Where are some of the biggest financial district in Asia? I know hong kong and singapore are pretty high up there, but where else are considered financial centers that have good potentials?

The obvious ones would be Tokyo. An important emerging market (still) would be Seoul. Shanghai is up and coming too.

The Economist had a wonderful survey of the world’s financial centres in last week issue. I read it this weekend. May be useful for you

hong kong

Dalian, China has a fitures exchange

would you ever consider workin in those places? These places seeem to be very dynamic and I would assume that the living style is as dynamic and exciting as the region continues to explode upward. I want to live there and experience the dynamic lifestyle, but I’m stuck in Cali for the moment ;(

Don’t forget Singapore. Amazing what a little education and rule of law will do. Of course, as in much of Asia, don’t criticize the government.

Cali - fornia? or Cali, Colombia? The latter has a pretty dynamic lifestyle too… (and muchas chicas bonitas)