Finance jobs in Shanghai?

Hello fellows, Anyone have any thoughts or experiences to share on how a US finance guy can land a good package in SH? I’ve got a great setup at a VC on the West coast so I’ve got no pressing need driving the change…more interested at this point of my career in new experiences and environments. I know a lot of people are looking elsewhere due to the wall street mess so perhaps this is a bad time, hmmm. Can an English speaker survive in the work place, I speak only basic Mandarin, getting better but may never be able to explain derivatives in Chinese!!! I hear from an expat forum your average ex gets around 350K RMB plus housing. Now that seems low but I know cost of living is lower than US. Are there finance headhunters one can suggest? Is it typical to fly in for an interview or what? Thanks!

Check the CFAI jobsite, I saw few posts for positions in Shanghai. I just came back from there this Nov…nice city! Enjoyed very much. If you spoke only basic Mandrain, you will have no problem living there; however, good luck explanning swaption in Chinese. From what I have heard, those $350K RMB are pure income (if you work for a us-based company, and you are sent to China to work), you got housing, car, (maybe even a driver); not a bad deal consider the cost of living is much lower than US (not so much for housing, average 4 bed, 2 bath apartment in downtown Shanghai runs about 6-7 million RMB). Don’t know too much US-based headhunter specalise in Shanghai recruiting. Good luck man!!

My own driver…hen hao! Forgot about the CFAI jobsite, I’ll check it out… shie shie nee

^Bu Ke Qi