FINANCIAL ANALYST (Entry Level) - Small Regional Bank - 1,200 community banks

Thoughts on this job for a potential Level II Candidate? Also, what should it pay? I got a response from HR requesting salary requirements and I know this is where the dance begins. The ideal candidate’s primary work will be in the division that conducts bank stock appraisals, market studies and merger/acquisition activities. Duties will include conducting financial analysis primarily on banks for stock valuations and performing market research using the Internet and other sources for bank market studies. In addition, will assist in compilation and preparation of reports to be provided to clients, and complete special projects on an as needed basis. 1-2 years of related financial analysis or banking experience is preferred, or relevant academic background. A 2-year associate degree in business or accounting that includes some financial analysis work experience is required. A 4-year degree in accounting, business, or finance is preferred. Strong computer skills using Microsoft Office products is required; knowledge of Access a plus. Must be proficient in searching, gathering, and downloading information from the Internet into Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Must possess strong attention to detail, have strong oral and written communication skills, and be good at multitasking. Financial analysis and banking knowledge is a plus. Periodically, will be required to move boxes weighing 40-50 pounds. Individuals must be self-motivated, able to work independently, and with a small team. The position requires a fair amount of administrative duties, which in turn, requires a positive attitude over the long term.

Part I’m weary about is one performs equity valuation, admin duties, and moving boxes…

Depending on region, $40s? Just guessing. It’s a very administrative job so you have to take into consideration that you won’t be gaining great experience. Who would you be reporting to? Are there opportunities for advancement? By description alone, I’d take a pass on this one unless you need a job or feel that you can use this as a stepping stone.

Good point X. I’m in Minnesota, and I would be coming from a back office position of 1.5 years. I could use a pay increase and a stepping stone in the right direction. BTW X, was everying ok from yesterday?

KJH - My second position out of college (at same 1st company) was in the BO to get closer in proximity to trading, analysts, and portfolio managers. I ended up getting a FO job through that position, although at a different firm. I get the feeling that this position wouldn’t get you close enough to the action. You might get bored with this job as well and leave within a year.

As far as yesterday, things have cooled off for now. I won’t hijack your thread with details! But basically more than 1/2 the people are aggressively looking for jobs and the people with their heads in the sand not looking are going to be very unhappy soon. Can’t save the world, I guess.

"Periodically, will be required to move boxes weighing 40-50 pounds. " That just seems so odd that they would include that in the job description.

Lets them get out of hiring people with serious handicaps…

anyone else have a suggested salary range? I’m thinking mid 40s myself.

I’d tell 'em your salary requirements are “$40s”. It seems like this is a small step in salary and responsibilities for you. Also, this is at a different firm, right? Does your current firm have any opportunities to grow even within the BO?

X, To be honest there is not much room to grow here. The shop is very small and although we wear many hats, the resources are not here to allow one to move up substantially. We make good use of head hunters when we need positions filled. I have gained exposure to IPS and will now fill in for a relationship manager in case they are sick, on vacation, etc. Otherwise progress in Access is what is expected in us. Also, a senior member of the team was suddenly let go without cause. Him and I were fairly close. He said his job is now being outsourced. That action has me a bit scared as BO is a very simple job that could outsourced.

I think it’s time to move on, KJH.

K - I wouldn’t worry about the physical labor mentioned in the job description. I can’t remember what firm had that listed, but I remember seeing something similar listed for the majority of the positions. It was listed for multiple jobs with different levels of experience. so it’s probably just a CYA line. Based on the job description I think it’s a definate improvement over what you’re doing now. During the interview you can get more details to make sure its not just a lateral move. As for the pay, I’ll shoot you an email.