Financial Analyst . . . Taking Questions

Hi All - - I am currently a Financial Analyst. I am taking questions if interested. I currently am in a CFO type role with ten clients and $40mm in yearly revenues (I am giving this number to give you an idea of the size of this business). I am working for a F500 corporation and also consult to CFOs, COOs, and CEOs of bigger businesses within and outside of our corporation at business levels of $1M - $100B in yearly revenues. I have effectively changed the business model of corporations up to the $100mm in yearly revenues level. I am currently talking to people at levels above that, but have not yet been able to quantify the results. My industry focus that my clients encompass are: - department of defense - IT - enterprise asset management (not financials - - PPE asset management) I have been tasked with the role of finding my profit centers within the company. Part of this is realizing what I do and applying it to my circle of influence. This exercise will help that and also get anyone else interested in this opportunity if they would like one or something like it. I can answer CFA questions too if needed. Not in the sense of what the CFA material is - - but how the CFA CBOK applies to my position. Finally, for those who have been keeping up - I am staying with my company!!! :slight_smile: I am so excited to stay. I think I can provide a significant amount of value to them now that our terms of employment have changed. However, I am going to consult for them as a 3rd party rather than continue our current terms of employment.

Congrats Phil - glad you were able to work everything out!!!

Thanks mar350 for your support :slight_smile:

no prob - glad i could help and glad you were able to move into a role you enjoy