Financial Blogs

I have come across some excellent sports blogs on the internet and read them daily, but don’t know of any good financial blogs. Does anyone here have anywhere they go that they’d recommend??

Someone one here before suggested Macro Man, it’s very good

Here are also a few that I have caught onto from someone mentioning them on AF.

I like the ones wanderingcfa mentioned, and also

if you like economics, an especially take a pro-market, pro-capitalism view, i’d suggest: if you’re a fiscal conservative and like politics, try the Club for Growth’s blog (i’ll ward that if you aren’t republican, you probably won’t like it, because it does focus on republican issues): as for sports blogs (i know you said you already read a few) my favorits is dan shanoff.

Since you said “financial blogs” and not “investing blogs” or “market blogs”, i’ll suggest It’s a personal finance blog.

Thanks guys. If you’re looking for some decent sports blogs some I like…

I strongly recommend

i was just going to say lso numi… very funny site…has not been updated for awhile though…