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Do any of you know if I can use the TI-84 Plus on the test? I had originally thought only the BA-II Plus and the HP were allowed for the the test, but I read an earlier post that said the TI-83 could be used as long as the memory is cleared. Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks

Based on the up-to-date info from CFA website. There are still only two calculator could be use.(Texas Instruments BA II Plus and Hewlett Packard 12C Calculator) So I’m afraid the type you mentioned could not be used.

lol cougar I’m the one who said the TI 83 can be used. And no, it can’t be used. I was only joking. preccie is right. Only the BA-II & the HP 12C can be used.

Haha. Ok good to know. I have been using the BA II Plus as I have been studying, so I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks

topher Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > lol cougar I’m the one who said the TI 83 can be > used. And no, it can’t be used. I was only > joking. Man, I thought you were laying on the sarcasm fairly thick in that post. Cougar, I would recommend the Plus Pro. I have both the Plus and Plus Pro and I have to say that I like the way the Pro operates much better. There were countless times where I would come up with an incorrect calculation do to a missed key on the Plus but with the plus pro the buttons are much more crisp.

CAn we use BA II plus PRofessional MOdel. thanks

ananth Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > CAn we use BA II plus PRofessional MOdel. > > thanks Learn to read.

From: Two models of business calculator are authorized for use on the CFA exams: the Texas Instruments BA II Plus (including the BA II Plus Professional) and the Hewlett Packard 12C (including the HP 12C Platinum). CFA Institute strictly enforces all policies with regard to calculator usage during the exams and candidates are required to abide by the policies of CFA Institute.

Guys, its good that you want to check this (I’ve seen people turn up with the wrong calculator - can’t im agine they do well as they can’t use it) but the A stands for analyst. A 5 second google search would give you the answer. Perhaps its too late here and I’m just over tired but come on, please.

hey guys I have the TI BA II Plus. I really struggle with that crappy thing. I think it’s ridiculous that the BA II plus does not “think” when u key in anything like 2+3*4. Is the professional model any better? What are the main features that should make me think about upgrading? Thanks… alex

Alex, the calculator thinks if YOU tell/set it to do it:)) Otherwise, bull**** input, megabull**** result:)) Check on the calculator’s manual. You can set the chain or algebraic operating system on your BA II Plus: page 4, actually page 8 of the document The professional is better in other ways.

Better yet, download it from the Texas Instruments web site: Same page location.

which one is the AF recommended calculator?

Thank you guys. That’s already a big step in the direction of getting my calculations right :wink: But I cannot imagine why the original setting “Chain” would be advantagous for any calcs… Anyhow, thanks a lot!!! alex